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Over 65 (Trust 2):

In general, individuals receiving government benefits are restricted in the amount of income and/or assets they may keep in their own name.  However, individuals with disabling conditions may be able to deposit income or assets into a supplemental needs trust (SNT). Deposits, once made, are irrevocable. Individuals over the age of 65 CAN ONLY use a Pooled Supplemental Needs Trust (like the WNY Coalition Pooled Trust). 

The pooled SNT is not like a bank account.  The assets are controlled by trustees and you make requests for items you would like paid for on your behalf.  You may not receive cash from your trust, nor can you make gifts.  However, the trust can pay certain items on your behalf, depending upon the type of benefits you receive.  As an example, if the only benefit you receive is community Medicaid, the trust can pay your rent or mortgage directly and you may still keep your Medicaid.  For many of our clients, using our pooled SNT has enabled them to remain in their own homes. You cannot use an SNT for income deposits if you are living in a nursing home.

Our Pooled SNT can take deposits of assets or income. Individuals receiving only Community Medicaid may be able to place their Medicaid monthly spenddown into a Pooled SNT and retain their Medicaid benefits. Hundreds of individuals in our trust have avoided nursing home placement using this program. Call us for more information.

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